Lighting & Electric

We have experience in a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting design projects. Did you know that replacing older light sources with LED can dramatically reduce the amount of energy your property consumes and thus reduce your energy costs? We can develop a plan to upgrade your lighting system in order to reduce overall energy consumption and help you start saving on energy costs right away! Pacific Coast Electric Inc has over 36 years of experience in the design, installation and maintenance of a variety of lighting technologies.

Services include:

✓ Industrial Lighting
✓ Educational Lighting
✓ Retail Lighting
✓ Healthcare Lighting
✓ Automobile Dealership Lighting
✓ Athletic Lighting
✓ Recessed Lighting
✓ Fluorescent Lighting
✓ Halogen Lighting
✓ LED Lighting
✓ Emergency Lights ✓ Switches
✓ Dimmers
✓ Exit Signs
✓ Parking Lot Lighting
✓ Wall Packs
✓ Light Poles
✓ Low Voltage
✓ High Pressure Sodium

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