Maintenance & Repair

There are a number of compelling benefits to adding an electrical maintenance service agreement to your home or business. You may not notice a problem right away. Symptoms of overloaded circuits include burnt smell emanating from receptacle, blown fuses, dim, buzzing, or flickering lights. Electrical troubleshooting can be difficult. Our expert certified electricians can identify the problem and make the appropriate repair the first time. If it relates to power distribution and electricity, we can fix it! Our insured experienced electricians take pride in what they do, and they perform quality work. Contact us to discuss your equipment and power systems maintenance and reliability needs!

Services include:

✓ Electrical Service for Voltage Regulators, Panels, and Transformers
✓ Protection from Overcurrent
✓ Grounding Systems
✓ Motor Controls, Switches, and Switchgears
✓ Wiring Distribution and Terminations
✓ Service for Arc Fault Circuit Breakers (AFCI) and Ground Fault Circuit Breakers (GFCI)
✓ Lamp and Ballast Replacement
✓ Repairs for All Types of Lighting Like Motion, Security, and Recessed
✓ Rewiring For Relocation of Equipment
✓ Electric Troubleshooting and Fault Finding
✓ Repairing Issues Found After Troubleshooting
✓ Troubleshoot and Fix Building Power Supply
✓ Fixing Issues with Generators
✓ Maintenance on Select Electrical Equipment
✓ Correcting Alarms and Motion Detection Systems
✓ Whole Building Surge Protection
✓ Pump Services Available

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